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“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”
- Andy Warhol


Its the mission of BAYG to provide impactful service directly to underserved communities in order to give those we serve an opportunity to climb the socio-economic ladder.



BAYG will also provide world-class business consultation. Empowering entrepenuers from underserved communities to be able to sustain successful businesses, which we believe is essential to building a brighter future.



Lastly, our investment branch will show clients effective ways to invest funds in resource pools, markets, projects, grants, scholarships, and more with the goal being to build and leave a legacy for your loved ones.


BAYG aims to be a platform for enrichening any underprivileged community. We believe that the best way to uplift these areas is by creating/instilling an abundance mindset, which we will radiate in every facet of our operations.

Those apart of the Build As You Grow family are dedicated to promoting something bigger than themselves. This holistic approach to healing the African American community, where the outcome will be far greater than the sum of its individual parts


Ezekiel Kenebrew

c/o '16 ODU International Business Major.

As a naturally community driven individual, I am passionate about manifesting abundance among like-minded people. As an executive, I want for you as I would want for myself, and will dedicate my time and energy to helping my clients set and achieve their goals. Although results may vary, progress is guaranteed.

Build As You Grow.

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